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What to expect during the tryout?

    During your tryout, you will go through a series of various cardio drills, endurance & strength drills, speed drills along with different falls, tumbles and rolls that will be evaluated by our head trainer. Be prepared to sweat and experience a little pain and discomfort.

   After your tryout, the trainer will then decide on how well your performance was during your tryout and let you know if you passed it. 

   If you pass the tryout, you will then have the option of starting the training that day or start another date once you decide which payment plan to go with.

*Please wear comfortable athletic attire on the day of your scheduled tryout. 

** There is a $50.00 tryout fee that will be collected on the scheduled day of your tryout. 



Fill out the form below and an ASWA representative will contact you soon to schedule your tryout. 
*Please note, the $50.00 tryout fee will be due on the date of your tryout.

Tryout Application Form

Once you fill out your information, please click the "submit application" button.

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